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Activate your self healing, boost your immune system and restore health and vitality on all levels.

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Skincare, Soaps & Oils

I only use natural, organic products during my treatments, and have the pleasure of stocking these incredible products from NATURALMENTE MEDITERRANEO Organic, artisan soap and skincare products that are amazing on your skin and Aromatherapy Oil Blends - all passionately handcrafted in Andalucia.

Reflexology Reference Guide

This handy, helpful guide provides information about Reading of the Feet, Relaxation Techniques, Pressure Point Techniques, and Contraindications. It covers each Body System (colour coded with the Hand and Foot maps).

In addition, it describes common Diseases and Disorders and the Direct Reflex Points and Associated Points in a clear and easy-to-follow guide.

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Suggested uses:

  • Tutors and Students
  • Returning to Reflexology after a time away.
  • Use as an aid when discussing Body Systems and Reflex Points with clients.
  • Newly qualified students.
  • For anyone interested in Reflexology as a new career or for home use on family and friends.
  • Carers

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